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Motoring Law

Being charged with a motoring offence can make for serious problems, especially for those who rely on their cars for business. Even a minor offence can make for major issues, especially if additional points on your license take you up to the threshold of a driving ban.

Our experienced team specializes in defending the full range of road traffic offences, from minor incidents to more serious cases. As well as providing you with the very best in legal advice, delivered in a way that is easy to understand, we can also deal with your case up to and including any court hearings.

Members of our team have specialized in defending against motoring offences and other charges for many years and so are very well versed in how the law operates ‘on the ground’. We can be on hand to assist at every stage of an investigation, including representation at Police interviews “Under Caution” to appearing as advocates before courts and tribunals.

We can also help in appeals against fixed notice penalties and in incidents involving the Traffic Commissioners. Our services include advice on:

  • Dangerous driving charges
  • Drink-driving charges
  • Driving bans under the ‘totting-up’ procedure
  • Fixed penalty notices
  • Serious accidents
  • Speeding offences